Frosty poinsettias / Mroźne poinsetie

Hello everyone!
How are your preparations for Christmas?
Mine not too bad :)
Slowly, slowly I am making some flowers.
Time for poinsettias.
I have done them in frosty style.
Two colours: blue and mint.
Petals for poinsettias are cut with a metal die from Craft Passion. 
Assembled with hot glue gun. 
On each poinsettia, I have applied a small amount of gel medium with a small brush and
then I have deep each in white glitter. That gives a nice frosty look. 
For a centre of my poinsettias, I have used white stamens. 
A big choice of stamens you can find HERE.
They will be perfect for my Christmas projects!
If you would like to learn how to make poinsettias from foamiran, you can check my tutorial from last year here:
That is all for today. 
Next week I will show you what I have made with my frosty flowers.
Have a good day.

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