Silk Foamiran Roses...Róże z jedwabnego foamiranu...

Hello dear!
As you know in Monika's shop now available is a new kind of foamiran. This is silk foamiran.
The difference between normal and silk foamiran is huge. The silk one doesn't require heating up before forming petals.
 You can do it without a heat source. Just with your fingers. 
Is more delicate, you need to be more careful when working with it to don't tear it and is softer and whiter.
For me product number one. I love it.
You can find it HERE. Price is higher but, believe me, it's worth!

I have made from it roses. Three blue roses and I have fixed them together with leaves to the headband. 
This is a present for my god daughter for National Children's Day. Which is today!
How to make roses you can see from my Video Tutorial.
Ready petals are coloured with Pentel Oil Pastels.
Leaves are made from silk foamiran and its structure is made with Mould 112.
Used products:

Have a good day!

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